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Is my VAT Return Correct?

Last Updated 7 months ago

Check Your VAT Return Calculation

1) Before you link your accounts spreadsheet to the VAT Return
We recommend that you calculate your VAT return on your spreadsheet before input to the VAT Return. That way you know how much you will have to pay and you can check that your VAT Return is accurate before you submit it. It’s easy to make an unintentional error, so we recommend that you calculate the VAT payable before you link to your VAT Return.

2) Before Final Submission of the VAT Return

Check Box 5 in the VAT Return:

  • Is this the amount you expected? (see above)
  • Are you expecting to pay HMRC (this is normal) or a repayment from HMRC (far less normal)
Normally the VAT on your sales is more than the VAT on your purchases ie Box 1 is more than Box 4 – and you will pay the difference to HMRC.

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